Project Management

We oversee the planning and delivery of a construction project. Our work includes but not limited to:

Planning by Preparing work for the whole construction team, estimating costs, developing deliverable schedules as a roadmap for the construction team, keenly following on the project in case there is a need to handle or supervise some tasks, reviewing the project in depth to determine if everything is done according to plan. All these are well achieved by proper supervision done by our able team.

We also set specific goals and do everything to see that we meet our goals. We also keep on reviewing the contractual conditions of performance, determining the precision of the work, handling requirements and deliverables, etc as the construction continues.

Time is a key factor as we manage the projects, we try as much as possible to avoid delays in delivering a project.

We’ve made sure that we stay on the budget to avoid cost overruns and cutting unnecessary cost during contract administration.

Daily or weekly reports of the job status, equipment, policies and upcoming procedures with all the issues that came from the work are well kept by our project management team.

Over time we have develop the knowledge on resolving disputes incase it arises on site. We believe that clear and preventive, mechanism to resolving disputes is key to a successful project.

We are involved in drafting contracts between all the parties involved in a construction project.

Manage risks is our key priority in ensuring a successful project. Before the start of any project our team are involved in proper research to see that proper technology is used in delivering a project. Material research library has gone a long way in providing an avenue for our project management department to study and to practically apply various materials in the projects we manage.